Fly Fish NH Show Volunteers:

 Thank you all for volunteering at the 2020 Fly Fish NH Show last Saturday.  Your willingness to lend a hand wherever it was needed and your positive attitudes certainly helped make the show the great.  It seemed that whenever I needed someone to help out with something, one or more of you were always there to do it.  Many of you return year after year to donate your valuable time and significant efforts to make the Show a success.  And what a success it was!

You should also be very proud and happy to learn that we collected $900 for the Ron Sowa Memorial Youth Fund raffle which we will be donating to the NH TU Kids Trout Camp in his name.

Best Regards,

Joel Kasper


Merrimack River Valley Chapter – TU



As you have probably heard by now, MRVTU will be postponing the Fly Fish New Hampshire (FFNH) Show until 2022. 

We depend on this annual show as our major source of income for the year to accommodate our expected expenditures.  In order to compensate for this loss of revenue, we are asking our members to consider making monetary donations to the Chapter.  MRVTU needs your support!  Please send donations to:


c/o Charles F. Norris Jr.


1 Ronisa Ave.

Litchfield, NH 03052

Please also consider supporting the below Non-Profit Organizations and let them know MRVTU sent you to (and please let them know you are a MRVTU member). Click the link here for a list of organizations needing your support.  Thanks