Two Handed Casting Class Being Offered To TU Members on May 30, 2015 The class will be taught by William Ciaurro, an International Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Single Hand and Two Handed Casting Instructor, and will be held on the Merrimack River using both Upper and Lower Sewalls Falls stating at 9:00am.The class will consists of the full understanding of modern two hand casting toward its practical use.  The instructor will teach in a strong fulcrum style with energy and tempo in continuous motion. He will start with a demonstration and explanation of what will be covered in the class and move to the water as quickly as possible.  Step by step, in a logical and orderly rhythm, each caster will move forward.  Lift-Sweep-D-Stroke-Presentation of overhead to change of direction movements.  The little things that make the cast one described with the understanding of why.  As each caster has individual requirements he will cover style during individual time.  The instruction takes the confusion out of rod style, lines, tips, and leaders.


Depending on the number of casters, the instructor can handle 6 alone and up to 8 with his assistant.  The length of time for a class will depend on the number of casters.  If there are 3 it will be 3 hours. 4-5 it will be 5 hours. Maximum time for a greater number will be 6 hours. For the class, we would like to keep a 6 student maximum. This six hour class will have a lunch break at noon – with participants bringing their own food.

The best equipment for the class is the two handed rod you are most likely to fish. The best line is a standard Spey style with a short of medium belly. Whatever equipment the student has will be ok for this class. Equipment will be provided for those who do not have their own.  This class is a good way to get an understanding before making that first purchase. Waders, sunscreen, eye protection, snacks and refreshments will be needed. Line cleaner, tape for ferrules, leader material and indicators will be provided. No flies will be used in the class.

The cost for the class is $80.00 per student.  To sign up please make payment via PayPal to  PayPay accepts credit card payments if one does not have a PayPal account.  Participation is on a first come-first served basis, and over enrollment will be reimbursed via PayPal payment.

For more information on the scheduled class contact

William at or

Ron Sowa at